Diffuser | for Hoob Go
Diffuser | for Hoob Go Diffuser | for Hoob Go HOOB DIFFUSER | Hookah Diffuser - How it works?

Diffuser Go

Stainless steel diffuser regulates air flow of hookah and makes it more silent.

2 Stages:

  • No Diffuser - Classic air flow
  • Diffuser installed - Light and silent air flow
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Hoob hookahs terms of use

  • When cleaning the hookah, DO NOT use detergents. Do not wash in a dishwasher. It is acceptable to use baking soda or dishwashing detergent without corrosive acids
  • Do not leave water in the hookah vase after use
  • To avoid cracking the tobacco bowl, wait until the bowl has cooled to room temperature before washing under water
  • After washing, it is necessary to wipe the hookah dry to avoid oxidation of the metal parts of the hookah
  • After washing, do not attach the hookah stem to the base, as this will slow down the natural drying of the parts. When open, the base and the stem dry faster even in hard-to-reach places

Video instruction with tips for care and maintenance:

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