Hoob Mars Black Mini
Hoob Mars Black Mini

Hoob Mars Black Mini

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Black Series hookah made of premium materials specially for the best hookah experience you've ever had.

Outstanding design crafted to the smallest details.

  • Original Provocative Design
  • Magnetic Hose Port
  • Stainless Health Safe Materials Used
  • Modular Design

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Hoob Mars Black Mini
Hoob Mars Black Mini

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    Hoob Mars Black Mini Description

    Hoob Mars Black Mini from Black Series hookahs was designed as traditional hookah produced on modern CNC machines with provocative colour scheme - matt black and shiny gold

    Hoob Mars Black Mini design is a mix of traditional round forms and the highest precision of modern 3D drawing methods of engineering. Hoob hookahs combines the best features of classic hookahs with advantages of hi-tech production.

    It smokes like traditional hookah, but at the same time, Hoob Mars Black Mini will show you how technologies can bring hookah experience to the new level of pleasure and comfort with an adjustable diffuser, magnetic hose port. Perfect Air Flow and Purging System.

    No harmful coverings or any materials that can cause you damage. We care about your health and environment, that is why we use only clean materials and no paint.

    Each hookah passes quality control before it goes to the customer, so we can offer you the finest quality hookahs on the market.

    Hoob Mars Black Mini Specifications

    Stainless steel stem with special gold color covering and black anodized aluminum.

    • Grommet Stem-to-Base Connection
    • Magnetic Hose Port
    • Height: 43cm;
    • Downstem: Ø13mm;
    • Hose Connectors: Ø10mm;
    • Purge Valve
    • Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray
    • Adjustable Diffusor;

    Gold covering may be damaged by juice of orange, pineapple or other fruits that can be used as a tobacco bowl!
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